Through long-standing relationships, AOCon Consulting Engineers is proud to offer the following value-added services to our Client base. In some instances, these services may be outsourced to industry leaders who share the same drive for excellence that we do.

  • Energy Audits

    Evaluation of plant and equipment to ascertain the extent of energy consumption and highlight unnecessary wastage.

  • Thermographic Studies

    Our equipment identifies abnormal temperatures that indicate developing problems and high risk areas. Identifying these issues early reduces risk, downtime and operational costs. Our inspections are carried out using portable equipment, capable of detecting dangerous situations not visible to the naked eye.

  • UPS Surveys

    Evaluation of condition of UPS equipment.

  • Web Based Metering Services

    Online, real-time energy consumption through one of our partners monitoring all key elements of the electrical energy system. This baseline information provides information which would be key in submission for supply upgrades, Eskom DSM rebates and tarrif changes.

  • Data Centre Audits

    Audit of complete power chain and infrastructure for production and disaster recovery sites, with report of recommendations for the compliance with relevant standards

  • Power Factor Correction Surveys

    Evaluation of condition and assessment of replacement value of PFC equipment.

  • Tarrif Analysis

    Comparative tariff simulation studies.

  • Electrical Data Recording

    Load profiling and reporting. This information is routinely extremely useful. Knowledge is power.