Our key strength offers the following skill sets, honed and refined after more than 15 years of continued Client support:

  • Supply Authority Negotiation

    Our continued relationships with key role-players within Supply Authorities, combined with our knowledge of their procedures and requirements allows for AOCon Consulting Engineers to be a single point of contact for applications (including auxiliary source and from Supply Authority grids)

  • Bespoke Distribution Board and Motor Control Centre Designs

    The heart of a network. Our intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process of distribution boards and MCC’s, including the quality control thereof; combined with a practical understanding of what contractors expect sets us apart in this field.

  • Data Centre Design

    Comprehensive data-centre design and space planning, including all associated infrastructure designs to TIA 942 standards.

  • Network and Buiding Management Systems (BMS) Interfaces

    Integration is key. Combining inputs from multiple sources to affect multiple outputs and conditions, AOCon Consulting Engineers sets an industry-leading standard in this field.

  • Building Automation

    Control and automation of elements of an electrical network; our experiences in high end lighting control, including daylight harvesting, glare control and lighting systems makes AOCon Consulting Engineers a natural and efficient choice in any project.

  • Structured Cabling Systems Design

    Infrastructure design that allows for ease of expansion and the neat and logical deployment of voice and data services.

  • Fire Detection Systems

    Fire alarm and detection systems, as per SANS 10139, including manual alarms to category 1 type systems, conventional or networked analogue addressable systems, value engineered to comply with rational fire requirements, giving our Clients complete peace of mind.

  • Closed Circuit Television Systems

    CCTV system design has become a key requirement for many of our clients. With the advent of IP based systems, off-site monitoring linked to response companies and integrating numberplate recognition to a central SAPS database, a well-designed and specified system can quickly become a key part of Big Brother’s arsenal in fighting crime. Event-driven recording minimises alarm conditions, keeping disk usage low and image-quality high.

  • Perimeter Detection Systems

    The first line of defence is always a secure perimeter. Interfacing this to security lighting-, CCTV- and intruder detection systems, our experience has always shown that intruders would rather move on than risk breaching.

  • Nurse Call Systems

    Addressable, active mimic-enabled systems for deployment in hospital and care environments.

  • MATV Systems

    Our experience covers the residential, care and hotel environments, and includes pay TV, IP based systems and conventional terrestrial distribution.

  • Photovoltaic Systems

    PV, as it is commonly referred to, is fast becoming a preferred alternate energy source. AOCon Consulting Engineers has partnered with industry leaders in this field and is skilled at providing the necessary solutions to increase energy savings and decrease carbon footprints, providing a cleaner planet for our future.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    AOCon Consulting Engineers is experienced in the compilation of maintenance contracts, as well as in the oversight of scheduled maintenance slots and the associated co-ordination thereof. Let us look after your equipment so that you can look after your business.

  • Low and Medium Voltage Network Design

    The cornerstone of any electrical system – a well designed network – allows for scalability and maintainability. From simple, low-maintenance single-phase feeds to complex, fully redundant power systems for data centres, our experience has placed us at the pinnacle of this sector.

  • Emergency and Uninteruptable Power Systems’ Design

    From small generator and UPS back-up systems, to full blown TIA942 Tier 4 compliant 2N installations, our experience in designing critical and emergency power systems, as well as their integration with an emphasis on expansion, makes AOCon Consulting Engineers a valuable team asset in ensuring our Clients’ solutions.

  • Lightning Protection, Surge protection and Earthing

    Often overlooked, a well-designed earthing and lightning protection system can easily be the difference between a success and a failure in the event of a Supply Authority irregularity.

  • Specialised Lighting Systems Designs Including Security, Flood and Decorative

    The jewellery of any building, the lighting design finishes of a project with subtlety and adds beauty and practicality- not to mention security benefits to any project. Combine this with our excellent supplier relationships, advanced skills in lighting simulation packages and excellent understanding of technologies, AOCon Consulting Engineers is your single point of contact for all lighting based projects, from decorative, to security, to flood.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Knowledge is power. Power is nothing without control. Our extensive product-knowledge of environmental-monitoring systems, combined with years of experience in the practical deployment of these systems, makes AOCon Consulting Engineers a natural choice in this field.

  • Access Control Systems

    From basic proximity-based entry-systems, vehicle barriers and turnstiles, to online biometric systems, AOCon Consulting Engineers is able to offer our Client base a dynamic, purpose-designed access-control system. Our scope of services further includes the offer of a VCS (Visitor Capture System), which is able to integrate drivers and vehicle-licence scanning through the spectrum, to online portals for preapproved visitor access.

  • Gas Extinguishing Systems

    When operations are critical and risk is high, self monitored automated gas extinguishing systems provide comfort in the knowledge that a your assets are protected.

  • Intruder Detection Systems

    Protecting assets and lives, a compromised security system is a risk. Our experience in designing and managing the installation of these systems leaves our Clients in a position to rest well.

  • Public Address and Voice-Over Evacuation Systems

    From conventional paging systems to automated voice commands instructing evacuation in a life threatening emergency, our experience with these systems, together with an intimate understanding of capabilities in terms of integration puts AOCon Consulting Engineers at the forefront of the design and specification of these systems.

  • Power Factor Correction

    Like AOCon Consulting Engineers, PFC increases efficiency and savings from the moment they’re deployed. Let’s save money.

  • Copper/Fibre Network Design

    We are well versed in the design of copper and fibre networks, including the associated peripherals reliant on this equipment including IP-based security systems and WiFi hardware etc.

  • Wind Generation Systems