Family first, always

– A work-life balance is imperative. A happy team is a winning team.

Teamwork is a lifestyle

– We are the sum of our parts at AOCon Consulting Engineers.

Service to the community and nation-building

– We are in a sensitive environment. Be cognisant of all whose path you may be fortunate to cross and have the understanding that each individual has walked a road that you may never know. Respect that. We strive to promote unity and well-being of the South African nation by respecting every person’s rights as entrenched in the constitution. By means of our operations and activities, it is part of our mission to, where possible, improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

Personal conduct

– AOCon Consulting Engineers team members shall always conduct themselves lawfully and responsibly by doing work that is honest, efficient and reliable. We shall exhibit integrity in the way in which we conduct ourselves.

Behaviors towards colleagues and Clients.

– Dignity. Respect. Gratitude. Always.

Security and trust

– Our employees will always be honest in all their actions and work responsibilities, and shall safeguard their workplace property and assets.


  • AOCon Consulting Engineers team members shall protect all workplace confidential information in order to prevent the unauthorised use thereof, and prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. Integrity and ingenuity are key to our success. Don’t compromise that.


– Any involvement with any criminal activity will be treated with utmost seriousness and reported to the relevant authorities.

Conflict of interests

– AOCon Consulting Engineers team members shall not be party to anything that conflicts with the company’s duties, nor shall they abuse their positions or those of others for unfair or unlawful personal gain or benefit.

Recognition and respect for policy and procedure

– All actions of team members shall be guided by the company rules, policies and procedures.